MAGDRL : Westminster PetSmart    September 10, 2005 

Forget the high cost of gas!  It was a cool, early fall day -- perfect for a ride up to Westminster,  Maryland.  We jumped into the SUV and off we went to support our northwest Maryland teammates. 

On the left is MAGDRL Treasurer/Newsletter Editor/Westminster Meet & Greet Coordinator/Donation Coat seamstress Jody Cohen and her Dane Aspen. If Jody wore any more MAGDRL hats, she'd be smothered! She co-Coordinates this regular monthly event with volunteer Terri Lanphear who has also helped at PetSmart's Santa Claws events over the years. Terry's son Jimmy also stopped by for a while to lend a spare set of hands.

I'm on the right with my goofy Dane girl Merlot donning the donation coat, and my sweet Dane boy Jupiter on his bed.


MAGDRL Placement Coordinator (matchmaker) and foster Debbie Maggitti is on the right with a new 3 year old orphan "Shera" who just came into rescue on this day. And what a pretty, sweet Harlequin girl she is!

As is usually the case, Shera was orphaned not because of anything she did, but because the owner didn't have time for her anymore. She joins over 90 other Great Dane orphans who sit in foster homes or kennels waiting for forever homes. Like Shera, most are sociable, well cared for, in good health, and just looking for LUV!



Ahhhh.... Aspen. What a wonderful Great Dane Ambassador she is! Aspen is lying on the right and allows herself to be adored by a young girl and her father. Aspen just turned 8 years old and is deaf, but she knows 30 words of American Sign Language. She's got some health challenges, but she is doing just fine thanks to her holistic veterinarian. KUDOS to Aspen!

Miss Merlot takes advantage of anything vaguely resembling a lap. She's such a flirt, she just couldn't let Aspen get all the attention so she walked over and plopped herself down on this visitor. What a hussy!


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