MAGDRL:  Waldorf PetSmart  July 31, 2004



This page was created on July 31, 2004

  We had a fantastic day at a fantastic location!  We finally caught up with a favorite PetSmart manager who'd been transferred from another location, and she offered MAGDRL all of Waldorf's Santa Claws fundraiser dates!  YIPPEE!!!

  John Redford (left) brought his sweet Dane girl Rosie and chatted with Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (center) and MAGDRL volunteer Pat Wilhelme (right.) who brought her husband Fred, but was Daneless today.

Maxine Yancey (not pictured) also brought her handsome Dane boy Cisco to greet the crowds.

  As usual, Merlot and Jupiter were a hit with the kids. The children at center and right are Kayla and Jalen Reid, children of my friend Nicole Reid.

We had a slew of visitors who'd already started the adoption process.  We had folks who were drawn in by our curbside signs. And as always, it was great to share this time with some favorite volunteers. 

  Southern Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard (left) introduces my girl Merlot to a visiting bunny. Gentle giants that they are, if Great Danes get along with cats, they generally coexist well with small animals.

Miss Merlot is quite the Great Dane Ambassador!