MAGDRL:  PetSmart Waldorf September 25, 2004

We spent a beautiful fall day at the Waldorf PetSmart.  Hurricane Ivan disabled our promotional easel, nevertheless we had a crowd of visitors.  Southern MD Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard has made our monthly visits the talk of the town!


    MAGDRL adopter and volunteer Beth Allison greets a little visitor who offers her Dane girl Daphne a drink. Daphne just completed basic obedience class and enrolled in advanced. She's really come a long way!   Dane boy Jupiter and girl Merlot charmed visitors and volunteers alike!  At lower left is volunteer Pat Wilhelme who came Dane-less after taking her pups to the dog park and obedience class earlier in the day.  
    Dane boy Jupiter really loves the little folks. Here he "smiles" as two little girls cuddle with him. What a prince!

We had also had a visit from MAGDRL member Maxine Yancey and her Dane boy Cisco.  What a big, handsome boy he's become!

  Jupiter also likes little pups. This Jack Russell Terrier puppy crawled all over him, and Jupiter just nuzzled him.

We also had a visit from Maryland Meet &Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelbute and her mom Marlene Edelblute, and their foster Dane Jackson.