MAGDRL : Waldorf PetSmart   September 24, 2005

Web page created on 09/24/05


  Our regular Waldorf volunteers came out to support the monthly event. Without these folks assistance every month, we would be unable to attract volunteers and adopters from this area.  KUDOS to our Waldorf team!



MAGDRL adopter Angelique Hardy (left) brought out her handsome Dane boy Dante. This boy came into rescue as a skinny, wild puppy. With Angelique and her family's patience, training, and care, he's becoming a handsome, well behaved boy. They may join our team at future Waldorf events.

As usual, volunteer Elizabeth Allison (rear) came out to offer her support. We couldn't do this event without her. Here she holds my Dane boy Jupiter (center) and girl Merlot (donation jacket.) Thanks, Liz!


Fred and Pat Wilhelme are there whenever we need them! Pat just did her first home visit and reference check, both much appreciated  functions critical to placing Danes in adoptive homes. They brought out their Dane boy Patriot, their Dane girl Jasmine, and their sweet Dane wanna-be Bowser.

Here is Pat and Fred's Dane girl Jasmine in the sparkly boa. Jasmine is wearing Shalimar and both humans and dogs enjoy her 'ambiance'. What a Dane Princess!!!!

  Another regular "Friend of MAGDRL" Maxine Yancey brought out her handsome Dane boy Cisco. Cisco is a very big boy, and he adores Pat & Fred's girl Jasmine. It's the Shalimar!

Just for kicks, Fred brought Jasmine over next to Cisco for a photo-op.  If you look at their shoulder height, Jasmine is on the tall side of average for a female -- but she's dwarfed by Cisco. Both are big, beautiful Danes!

We had a steady stream of potential adopters and volunteers, applicants and approved adopters who were attracted by our informational easel, roadside signs, and beautiful Danes. It was a Great Dane day at PetSmart!