MAGDRL:  Waldorf PetSmart August 28, 2004






This page was created on August 28, 2004

  Our Southern Maryland Coordinator held our regularly scheduled Meet & Greet at Waldorf, MD. on the 4th Saturday of August. We had a slew of beautiful Danes and non-stop visitors all day.
       The furkids spent the day showing local folks what Danes are all about. Here  Jupiter (left) and Merlot (right) are laying down to enable kids to see them "up close and personal."

The parents of the girl on the left submitted their adoption application last week and brought the family out to meet our Danes. She wanted Jupiter!

    Pat (left) and Fred Wilhelme came out with their pretty Dane girl Jasmine and "Dane wanna-be" Bowser. Pat donated a framed Scooby Doo poster for the raffle at MAGDRL's Parade of Paws dog walk. Thanks, Pat!

Maxine Yancey also brought out her handsome Dane Cisco, and Beth Allison brought her pretty Dane puppy Daphne. 

    At left, Oscar is a regular visitor to our Waldorf events. Today he brought out his two handsome 2 year old Dane boys Harry and Gus.

Behind him, Southern MD Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard chats with visitors. Linda's permanent poster board is positioned in the middle of the PetSmart entrance and it really drew a crowd of visitors.