MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf     August 26, 2006



Web page created on July 22, 2006

We had a fabulous team of volunteers who came out to support our monthly Meet & Greet in Waldorf! It was a warm, humid day  in Maryland, nevertheless we had a gaggle of Danes and a steady stream of visitors

Steadfast MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison came out to spend a Saturday with my Dane boy Jupiter (left.) She's seated on the left with Jupiter's roommate Merlot (center) in the Thankful Paws donation jacket.

Volunteers Pat and Fred Wilhelme came bearing freshly baked goodies (THANKS!!!) and their lovely Dane girl Jasmine (rear.) 

In the center is 5-1/2 month old Dane girl Savannah with MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy (right) and her Dane boy Dante, also wearing a Thankful Paws jacket.



My, has Dante grown into a wonderful Great Dane Ambassador! He was a wild, untrained Dane puppy when Angelique adopted him a year ago. He is now 1-1/2 years old, and he's well-trained, friendly and sweet to one and all.

Dante and baby Savannah put on quite a show, mouth-wrestling and playing every time they got near each other! Oddly, Dante's roommate is also a Dane girl named "Savannah." My Savannah lives with three adult Danes, is in a playgroup and training classes with dogs of all sizes, and goes to a dog park every day. She was right at home playing with an adult Dane who is twice her size -- and she gave Dante what-for!


Dane girl Jasmine has a penchant for perfume, so before every MAGDRL event her Dane-Mom Pat sprays a little on her to charm all the boys. It works -- if she lays on Jupiter's bed, Jupiter loves to go lay on it just to get a whiff of her! On this day, instead of her usual collar of pearls, Jasmine wore a wide turquoise oriental silk collar that was just gorgeous!

Jasmine adores Pat, but as you can see she is definitely a Daddy's girl. She is never far from Fred or their son Frederick.



Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm drove down to Waldorf to attend this event with her Dane girl Ethel. What a sweetie pie they both are!

Ethel was used as a puppy mill breeder dog before she came into MAGDRL where Joan and her husband Michael adopted her. She had never had training, was not up-to-date on health care, and was overweight. To see Ethel today, you would never know that she is the same dog. She looks wonderful -- trim, bright eyed, sweet and friendly.

What a testament to what love and care can do for a MAGDRL orphan. KUDOS to Joan and Michael -- Ethel has come a long way, baby!