MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf    July 23, 2005





Web page created on July 23, 2005

  The weather cooled down to the 80's today, so the crowds at the Waldorf PetSmart picked up a little. As a result, we had a slew of volunteers, visitors, and Danes!

We blocked the front of the store with this especially sociable group of Danes. Here are (l-r) Goofy (male Merle), Jasmine (female Black), Bowser (Dane wanna-be), Jupiter (male Fawnequin), Merlot (female Piebald with donation jacket), and Dante (male Black puppy.)

Dante was just adopted three months ago by Angelique Hardy of southern Maryland. He's still a puppy but is making progress with training and socialization


Beth Allison's husband brought their pretty "Chocolate Merle" girl Daphne. Daphne is 2 years old was adopted by the Allison family last year. They've taken her through several obedience classes and she's grown from an untrained, unsocialized puppy to a sweet, calm young Dane.

Maxine Yancy also brought out her handsome big Dane boy Cisco who just turned 2 years old and is finally calming down. Unfortunately Maxine wouldn't let me kidnap him.....


Ah, the power of a treat!  All three of Pat Wilhelme and her husband Fred's furkids sat at attention when Pat pulled out the treats. 

Left-right here's Patriot (unmasked Fawn), Jasmine (Black with the pearls!) and Bowser (sweetest X-breed on the planet!) What a wonderful and well trained canine family they are!


The Wilhelme's adopted their unmasked Fawn Dane boy Patriot from New England Dane Rescue last year. When they got him, he was one year old, had been kept outside in the harsh northern winter, was untrained and unsocialized, had a multitude of intestinal worms, and was severely underweight.

Look at him now! KUDOS to the Wilhelme family -- they've worked miracles with this boy!