MAGDRL:   Waldorf PetSmart    May 27, 2006

After a week of intermittent rain, Memorial Day Saturday was sunny and warm so the crowds came out to Waldorf PetSmart.  We were there with a cat, rabbit, and all-breed rescues. Nevertheless our highway signs pulled visitors in to meet our Danes!

We had a great team of volunteers today! From left to right are Elizabeth Allison with my Dane girl Merlot; Maxine Yancey with her Dane boy Sysco; Fred (and Pat missing from this photo) Wilhelme who brought free hands; my Dane boy Jupiter; and Angelique Hardy and her Dane boy Dante in the Thankful Paws donation jacket. Dante just turned two years old and has officially become a true Dane Ambassador!

We all just LUV Allison! She comes with free hands and loves to handle anyone's Dane. She's got photos in her office of herself and Jupiter in various poses, and I never have to ask her if she minds holding him -- including on her lap!

We also LUV Fred (center) and Pat Wilhelme who come out to offer both support and sweet treats. Here Fred is holding my girl Merlot. Jupiter and Merlot were wearing matching tulle collars purchased last weekend at the Jean Donaldson canine behavior seminar at the Monadnock Humane Society in West Swanzey, NH -- best seminar I've ever attended!

Bringing up the rear is Waldorf Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard (right) and her deaf Dane boy Petey..

  Although Linda's Dane girl Madison holds down the couch at home, Linda always brings out their deaf Dane boy Petey. Linda's daughter Anna has learned to communicate with him using American Sign Language hand signals, and she is very good at handling him. We all just love to see little Anna come out with her mom, and she just LUVs her Petey!

Petey also wore a Thankful Paws jacket today and thrilled visitors with his sweet, calm demeanor. He and his littermate were given up to rescue because they were both deaf and their previous owners couldn't cope with challenge. Considering that he's just 11 months old, Petey is proof that investing a little time and effort can result in a wonderful pet -- regardless of physical handicap.

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