MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf May 26, 2007



Web page created on May 26,, 2007

It seemed like everyone left for the beach or for vacation this Memorial Day weekend. Despite having our highway and storefront signs out, it was slow, slow, slow.  Nevertheless, it was wonderful having the time to take some neat photos of our Waldorf M&G Team this month!
MAGDRL volunteer and stellar Dane owner Angelique Hardy (center) and her mom Becky (camera shy!) came out with their handsome Great Dane Ambassador Dante. The last time we saw Dante was at his 2nd birthday party in March. It's remarkable how far this boy has come in two years -- from a wild and crazy puppy to a sweet and calm adult. Today Dante was even more handsome and well mannered, a true representative of the breed!

Behind/left of Angelique is Linda Maynard who is talking to a visitor with her deaf Dane Petey. The Pete-ster is laying on Jupiter's mat -- but since it's not very cushy, 7 YO Jupiter refused to lay on it. After seeing him standing up for over an hour, it occurred to his Dane Mom what the problem was. DUH!


MAGDRL volunteers and dear friends Fred (left) and Pat (center) Wilhelme brought out their lovely and sweet smelling Dane girl Jasmine who's sitting on Pat's lap. Today Jasmine's nails were painted a pearly violet, she sported a brand new designer collar and wore Crabtree & Evelyn cologne (when I die, please let me come back to live with the Wilhelmes!) We are all so relieved that Pat and Fred have overcome some serious health challenges and are looking hale and hearty again! We were delighted that Pat came bearing home-baked goodies to sustain us starving volunteers!

Our dear friend and MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison (right) let her husband Richard and Dane girl Daphne stay at home so she could offer free hands. Here Liz enjoys the company of my Dane boy Jupiter who was still protesting the flat bed by refusing to lie down.


Liz has a collection of photos of Jupiter sitting on her lap, across her lap, or sitting beside her on a folding chair (he's kinda sweet on Miss Liz!) But today for the first time, 14 MO Dane puppy Savannah graduated from the cheap seats to take her turn on Jupiter's favorite lap. She was obviously thrilled!

Savannah has grown so fast that she needed a new collar.  At left, she is modeling a new hot pink Fox & Hounds rolled leather collar and matching lead, a hot pink head halter, and a comfy red Thankful Paws donation jacket. Despite being dressed in all "girlie" colors, several visitors called her a boy! Geesh, what's a girl gotta do?

Behind Liz and Savannah are pretty Dane girl Jasmine and my silly boy Jupiter. Notice that he's finally laying down since his mom brought him his cushy bed......


You may notice a recurring theme in these photos -- Danes sitting on or across their owners laps. Those of us who live with this breed think this is perfectly normal, but it always seems to amaze visitors. Maybe lap-sitting is just a Dane trait?

At right is Waldorf M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard, and we were delighted by a brief visit from husband Gary and daughter Anna (not pictured.) On Linda's lap is their deaf Dane boy Petey, a stellar Great Dane Ambassador not only because of his sweet temperament but he's also an example of a "differently abled" Dane who learned to navigate the world thanks to the diligence of his owners. Linda taught Petey a vocabulary of ASL signs, and he delights visitors by showing off his obedience skills in response to Linda's hand signals.

Whenever Jupiter and Savannah are in a busy setting, we practice basic drills using hand signals to reinforce their training. It's neat to see "Sweet Pete" join right in!