MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf April 28, 2007



Web page created on April 28, 2007

What a great day it was for our southern Maryland MAGDRL team!  Our regulars came out to Waldorf on an overcast day that fortunately brought a steady crowd into PetSmart. YIPPEE!
We were stunned yet delighted to see Pat Wilhelme come out to today's event! Pat suffered life-threatening health problems last winter, but she's now on the mend. It was so wonderful to see her!  At left, Pat handles my silly Dane puppy Savannah who will be 14 MO in mid-May.

Pat came out with her husband Fred (rear, with their Dane girl Jasmine) and her son Frederick. Jasmine, girlie girl that she is, wore Crabtree and Evelyn cologne, a spiffy new collar, and painted toenails today.

Both Fred and Frederick helped with the pups today and moved us from the back of the store to the front. Thanks for lending a hand, guys!


Long time MAGDRL patron Maxine Yancey brought out her handsome Dane boy Sysco to stun the crowds. Sysco is at least 42" at the withers and tops the scales at 190 lbs.

At almost 4 YO, Sysco has grown into one HUGE Dane, but he's as sweet as they come. Visitors often ask if all our dogs are Great Danes or if Sysco is a "Giant Dane" since he's so much larger than most.

Our dear friend, MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison handled puppy Savannah today. Gawd LUV HER! Although Savannah has calmed down as she's aged, she's still quite a handful. Nevertheless, Liz was patient and tolerant of Savannah's puppy antics. Do we see a young'un in Liz and husband Richard's future?

At left, Liz practices basic obedience and tricks with Savannah. Thank goodness Savannah is very food-motivated -- except when she's distracted by other dogs in the vicinity!