MAGDRL:  Waldorf PetSmart April 24, 2004


This page was created on April 24, 2004


On a warm spring day, MAGDRL's Eastern Maryland Meet & Greet team joined our Southern MD Meet & Greet teammates at the 4th event in Waldorf this year. Volunteers, adoption applicants and visitors came from far and near to make this outing successful!

MAGDRL adoption applicant Elizabeth Ellison (center) stopped by to meet Great Danes up close and personal. She had previously been owned by Bouvier des Flandres, but she loved our Danes!

MAGDRL orphan Georgette (center) was on WUSA TV channel 9 in DC with her foster mom early that morning. By mid-M&G, she was pooped!  And of course, Jupiter (left rear) never minds napping!

Here Georgette sports a Nobile and Tavan donation jacket. She did a yeoman's job of fundraising for our MAGDRL orphans!

To the left is our MAGDRL photo easel which was donated by Kimberly Hardesty and is on-loan to our SoMD team. At the center is SoMD's M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard's nice MAGDRL storyboard.


M&G regulars Pat and Fred Wilhelme came out with their son, their Dane girl Jasmine, their boy Bowser, and their newly adopted Dane boy "Patriot." And what a sweetie pie Patriot is!.

Moira Butler also came out to lend a free pair of hands. Her Dane girl Annie stayed home to catch up on her beauty sleep!

And of course, our MD M&G Coordinator Eileen Edelblute and I drove down to represent the Eastern MD Team. Despite the fact that Eileen's Miss Penny took the day off, we still had a great day!  

At left, Great Dane owner Maxine Yancey came out for the 4th consecutive visit with her Dane boy Cisco.  At right, SoMD M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard lends a hand.  Linda's Dane girl Madison had a scheduling conflict with a T-Ball game that day, so Linda had to come Dane-less.  What a trooper our Linda is!