MAGDRL: Waldorf PetSmart  February 26, 2005



This page was created on February 26, 2005

We cancelled the January M&G here because of a snowstorm, but PetSmart welcomed MAGDRL volunteers on a clear, sunny day in February.  Visitors who missed us last month were waiting for us -- we were mobbed from the moment we arrived!

At left, Great Dane Ambassador Jupiter always charms the little ones! 

MAGDRL member Pat Wilhelme stopped by to support us with free hands. Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute also came with her recently adopted Dane boy Jackson.

Many thanks to Linda Maynard who coordinates events at this location. We had a great day!!!


Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator/ Publicity Coordinator Lori Mooradian and her husband Greg came out with their Dane girl Blue and Dane boy Bentley. Beth Allison also brought her pretty Dane girl Daphne who attends class here on Saturdays.

Wow, what a crowd! That's me kneeling in the black shirt, Lisa Corbitt in the pink, and Greg Mooradian standing


VA MAGDRL member Lisa Corbitt came out to help her MD teammates. We hadn't seen Lisa's baby girl Maya since she was a puppy, but boy has she grown into a beautiful Dane girl!

I'm very pleased to share this photo to show that I'm not the only one who dresses their Dane in funny hats!