MAGDRL: PetSmart Waldorf   February 24, 2007



Web page created on February 24, 2007

  The last Saturday in February was a beautiful winter day in Waldorf, MD.  Our Waldorf coordinator Linda Maynard had a schedule conflict, nevertheless our great team of volunteers came out to help MAGDRL orphans. Although the store was packed with other rescues, we had many visitors interested in adopting or fostering. KUDOS to our Waldorf Team!!!


We were delighted to have Liz's husband Richard Allison (left) helping at today's MAGDRL event. They left their Dane girl Daphne at home to hold down the couch, but Richard spent most of the day handling my 11 MO Dane puppy Savannah. She's on the left wearing the Thankful Paws donation jacket. 

At right is MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy who came out despite having a painful back injury. Angelique is handling her handsome Dane boy Dante who also wore a donation jacket today. 

Dante will celebrate his second birthday in a couple of weeks. He was a wild and crazy puppy, but with the training and patience of his Dane Mom, he has grown into a true Great Dane Ambassador!




Angelique's parents Rick and Becky also have a Great Dane girl named Savannah who just turned 7 YO.  Here's Rick with puppy Savannah who just turned 11 MO. I hear they are both Divas!

My Savannah just graduated from Basic Obedience training, and will begin Novice next week. Today was a good opportunity to practice walking loose-leash and letting other volunteers handle her.




MAGDRL member Maxine Yancey (left) brought out her sweet, handsome Dane boy Sysco. We heard today that the last time Sysco was weighed, he tipped the scales at a svelte 178 lbs. Visitors often say that at 140 lbs, my Dane boy Jupiter is the biggest dog they've ever seen -- until they see Maxine's Sysco!

Our sweet Liz is such a Dane-iac. Usually her lap is reserved for Jupiter, but she gave it away to Sysco as soon as he arrived. She's such a sucker for a big, handsome Dane boy!


Today was Jupiter's first outing since he suffered from  colon torsion last month. Liz inspected his new "zipper" and announced that it was healing nicely. Jupiter took it easy and spent most of the day letting visitors greet him on Liz's lap or on his bed.  At right, he's training for the 2008 Olympics by practicing his famous "sitting-on-a-folding-chair-with-45-degree-lean" pose!

Liz had an appointment at an office in the same shopping center as the PetSmart this morning. Richard worked our event until it was time for him to go meet Liz. When he left, he took Jupiter with him to surprise her.

When Richard walked into the office with Jupiter, an employee pointed at Richard and asked Liz if that was her husband.  She answered, "Yes, that's my husband and..." pointing to Jupiter, "that's my boyfriend!"