MAGDRL:  PetSmart Timonium October 2, 2004
        This was MAGDRL's first event at the Timonium PetSmart, and what a great turnout of visitors and members we had!  Rachel Ludwig stopped by on her way to the Northern MD Team's Meet & Greet at Whitemarsh.  Lois and John Steinfort and Beth Hoker (aka "The Cookie Lady") came out and stayed for the entire event. What a nice intro to this new location!


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Our MAGDRL team spread out in front of the store and offered Dane-related materials for our visitors. On the left is Lois Steinfort who came with her husband John and her sweet Dane girl Gracie.  In the center is Eileen Edelblute, our Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator who scheduled this new store, brought the setup, and gave out information all day. I'm on the right with my Dane boy Jupiter (rear) and Dane girl Merlot who wore the donation coat today.


Here Beth Hoker (center) chats with visitors who bring their 10 month old Great Dane puppy to PetSmart every Saturday for socialization and weighing.

Beth's own Brindle Dane girl Sophie (left) and Merle Dane boy Goober (right) were wonderful "Dane Ambassadors" at this event. They charmed children and were friendly to other dogs. Note that Beth is modeling our 4th Annual Parade of Paws t-shirt.



Miss Merlot (left) is our 'social butterfly!' She always greets kids and dogs of all sizes with a friendly sniff. Merlot and Jupiter are in a twice- weekly canine playgroup and they live with cats, so both have learned to enjoy the company of all animals. Here Merlot enjoys a 'doggie handshake' with a pair of Miniature Daschunds.

On the right is our visitor's 10 month old Dane. This girl puppy is already as tall and heavy as Merlot who is 3 years old. We call Merlot our "Teacup Dane!"