MAGDRL: Silver Spring PetSmart January 18, 2003

      Volunteers started 2003 with a Meet & Greet at the Silver Spring, MD PetSmart.  Adoption applicants, new volunteers, and new adopters came out to support us!

MAGDRL Volunteer Activities  


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Volunteers (l-r) Cindy Prevost with Capone, Christina Kallay with Isis, and Lori Gray with Bentley share the moment. Newly engaged Lori and Greg Moorigan adopted Bentley the prior weekend. Behind Lori are approved adopters Kathy and Gary Jessie who came out to discuss which orphans were available for adoption.

New volunteer Carolyn Nieman, adoption applicant Crystal Ashton, MD M&G Coordinator Eileen Edelblute, volunteers Moira Butler & husband with Annabelle, Lissa Scott with Jupiter, and Susie Marucci with Peanut (below) all came out to support this event.

Don't blink -- this is a once in a lifetime shot of two Fawnequins together! This color, also called F
awn Porcelaine, is a rare non-AKC approved marking that occurs when both  Harlequin parents carry a mismark gene. Click to learn more about this unusual coloring.

Here Jupiter sits with Fawnequin female 'Peanut' who is being handled by her foster mom Susie. What beauties they are!