MAGDRL:  Oxen Hill PetSmart  July 24, 2004

Page created on July 24, 2004


  It was a quiet day at the Oxen Hill PetSmart as we remembered Miss Penny, Eileen Edelblute's beloved Great Dane girl who went to Rainbow Bridge at age 7 on July 12, 2004.  Click here to see her memorial page.

This store is where Eileen and I met three years ago. It's where we had our first Eastern Maryland Meet & Greet.  And it's where Penny started her career as a MAGDRL Meet & Greet Dane.  Penny was a shining example of this breed, and her weekly attendance at these events helped many Great Dane orphans find their forever homes.

We will always remember "Princess Penny."



  Here I sit as my Dane girl Merlot illustrates the 'Dane Lap Sit' to the surprise of a potential adopter.  It was a quiet day, but Merlot and my Dane boy Jupiter were ever gracious to visitors, both human and canine.