MAGDRL:  Grand Opening of Largo PetSmart April 18, 2004


This page was created on April 18, 2004

  What a busy weekend!  MAGDRL's Eastern Maryland Meet & Greet Team was at our 3rd DC Metro event in two days. The new Largo PetSmart held its Grand Opening, and MAGDRL was there!

    We Easterners were absolutely delighted to spend the afternoon with Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator Lori Gray's Dane boy Bentley.  Oh, and Lori's fiance Greg Mooradian was good company, too! Here Eileen (left) sits with Greg (right) while Bentley takes center stage!

DJs from local radio station WPGC broadcast live outside the PetSmart all day. We gave an on-air plug for MAGDRL and invited listeners to come out to see our Great Danes!


Dane girl Merlot was off-duty today, so Lissa's foster puppy Georgette made her debut as a MAGDRL Meet & Greet Ambassador. She did very well given that she wore a Gentle Leader for the first time. This girl is a natural "Meet & Greet Dane!" 

Here Jupiter (with flippy-back ears thanks to his weird mom!) cuddles with MAGDRL orphan Georgette. I swear, Jupiter is a Dane-chick magnet. All the Dane girls "want a piece-a-him!"