MAGDRL at Columbia PetSmart (PAGE 2)

On Sunday, May 26, 2002, we were at the PetSmart in Columbia, Maryland for a second day.  We enjoyed new faces and even more Danes!
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Christina Kallay (left) and Fenway chat with new volunteers Portia Baum and Teresa Simrell (right.) Portia brought her Danes Nikki (one of the 'Dirty Dozen') and Andrew.  Nikki looks absolutely WONDERFULl!!!! As usual, Jupiter found the nearest soft spot to park.

MAGDRL Volunteer




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May 26, 2002

Lisa Lightener with Bagheera (left) and Christina with Fenway, discuss the day's game plan. Jupiter (center) found a soft spot in front of the display.


Susie Marucci got her weekly 'Dane fix' from Jupiter. Susie was at the Catonsville PetSmart Meet'n'Greet yesterday, and at Columbia today. What a trooper, and she doesn't even own a Dane yet!  Sorry we missed Ray Suchy who came later in the day with his Dane Zack.