MAGDRL:  Catonsville PetSmart and Sweepstakes  November 26, 2004
    MAGDRL held our annual Cash Sweepstakes raffle drawing at one of our favorite Meet & Greet locations -- Catonsville PetSmart!  We had a phenomenal number of Danes and volunteers in addition to a steady flow of visitors drawn into PetSmart by MD MAGDRL Publicity Coordinator Lori Mooradian's "Great Dane Rescue ===>" highway signs. 



This page was created on November 26, 2004.

  MAGDRL Treasurer and Rescuer's Record editor Jody Cohen (left) enjoys talking about how she communicates with her deaf Dane girl Aspen. Aspen is wearing a fashionable princess-pink donation jacket handmade by MAGDRL Northern MD Meet & Greet Co-coordinator Brenda Rouse.

In the center, MAGDRL president Debra Rahl put a donation jacket on her Dane puppy "Mr. Big." He's growing like a weed, so the jacket finally fit him. He was doing fine until someone tried to put money in his pocket -- he backed up and hid behind his Mom! 


There were Danes and volunteers in abundance! Here are members (l-r) Kathleen Burdick with Buster, Cindy Prevost with Capone & Shiner, Aimee Ross with Piper, Beth Hoker and her neighbor with Goober & Sophie, and my Dane boy Jupiter in front.

Not pictured are Sarah Paysden and her Dane puppy Landis, and Heather Tawney with her foster girl Berkley. 


The highlight of this Meet & Greet was our annual Cash Sweepstakes raffle drawing.  Treasurer Jody Cohen (right) enlisted the aid of a passerby (left) Ben Connor, age 15, of Catonsville, MD., who pulled the three wining tickets. MAGDRL Webmaster Christina Kallay (center) looks absolutely delighted!

Thanks to everyone who supported this effort which helps Great Dane orphans throughout our League. This year's winners were from NJ and MD.