MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart  August 11, 2007



Web page created on August 11, 2007


We had a beautiful summer day for our Catonsville Meet & Greet.

Catonsville Event Coordinator Heather Tawney (above) spent the afternoon with me and 16 MO Dane puppy Savannah. Unfortunately Jupiter was under the weather, so Savannah was the only Dane at this event. She spent the day entertaining the crowds and working the Thankful Paws donation jacket like a pro!


Savannah charmed adults and children alike! Her early socialization is really paying off now. She's not afraid of anything, noises don't bother her, I can take her anywhere, and every human, dog, cat, and bunny is her friend.

One of today's visitors was interested in Great Danes and said he trains GSDs for law enforcement. He asked what happens when Savannah gets angry. I told him that I've never known her to be angry -- often wild and crazy, but thankfully she has developed into a well-adjusted young Dane.


During lulls in the crowd, Heather worked Savannah in obedience. Savannah is in Novice level training at CTA, but we are winding down participation in Saturday MAGDRL events to allow her to return to FourPositivePaws R+ training on Saturdays this fall.

Savannah has never been overly attached to her Dane Mom. That's intentional and it's a good thing -- we've avoided resource guarding. At every event, she is handed off to others so that she has learned to respond to commands from trusted volunteers. Good job!