MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville June 09, 2007



Web page created on June 09, 2007

After our first summer heat wave, the weather finally cooled down. Apparently our potential visitors were out enjoying the respite, so we had a slow day at PetSmart. Nevertheless, those who stopped by enjoyed meeting our Danes and talking about the breed.

Catonsville Meet & Greet Coordinator Heather Tawney (center) came out early and set us up. Heather's foster Dane was just adopted last week, so her Dane Haley was missing his company. 

At left is MAGDRL volunteer Beth Hoker who stopped by with her Dane boy Goober. She's holding my pup Savannah. Like Heather, Beth is between fosters after just placing Peanut and his mom Sandy.


Miss Savannah has become a kid magnet. She's not quite as tall as our adult Danes yet, so perhaps she's less intimidating. Whatever the reason, she's learning to work her Thankful Paws donation jacket like a pro!

At right are cute cousins who were born 10 weeks apart -- they look like twins! One lives with a Lab and is very comfortable being around big dogs. The other was hesitant around big dogs and stood back until her cousin approached. Guess they're like puppies in that way -- socialize both early and often.



Thank goodness our dear friend Heather can always be counted on to take my Danes through an obedience drill. Here she works Savannah in the front and Jupiter in the back. Ahhhh, the power of a treat!

At age 7 YO, Jupiter is beginning to have problems getting up. Our vet put him on Dasuquin and chiropractic adjustments which we hope will improve his mobility. It seems like just yesterday that Jupiter was a puppy, but sadly this is a common problem for Danes age 7 and older.