MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville   April 14, 2007



Web page created on April 14, 2007

  Spring went into hiding! We had a cold and overcast day for our bi-monthly Catonsville Meet & Greet. Nevertheless, we had a great turnout of volunteers and Danes!


We had a bunch of volunteers at today's event!

Here from l-r are:
MAGDRL Foster Coordinator Emily Gilbert with my boy Jupiter and her boy Hamlet;
MAGDRL foster Beth Hoker with her boy Goober;
Catonsville M&G Coordinator Heather Tawney with my girl Savannah;
...and MAGDRL Webmaster Christina Kallay with her boy Falkor.


Jupiter is such a Prince! At right, he gets a big hug from a young visitor. Notice that he's leaning in to get the full treatment!

At almost 7 YO, I don't know how Jupiter tolerates all the crazy puppy antics. Most of the Danes at today's event were 2 YO or younger, but Jupiter remained calm. He only fussed once when puppy Hamlet intruded into his personal space!



At 1 YO, Savannah is in Novice training class -- but she still has a long way to go. One of her exercises is a hand-off to someone else to work her in obedience. Today, Heather took her through some basic exercises and it pointed out "opportunities for improvement."

With some dogs, when a treat is involved, their ears stop working. Because Savannah didn't earn the treat immediately, she went through every command response in hopes of hitting the right one. Unfortunately, when Heather leaned forward, Savannah tried a "high-five." Without a human hand to stop her forward motion, Savannah scraped Heather on the neck

Savannah's mom is so sorry that Heather was scratched . We'll go back to using the clicker to mark desired behavior so that Savannah doesn't get confused about the expected response.