MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart  February 12, 2005


This page was created on February 12, 2005

  We were back at Catonsville PetSmart on a clear chilly Saturday in February. Besides having a nice crowd of visitors, we had two surprise visitors and a foster dog!


What a beautiful day for a Meet & Greet! As usual, I came out with Jupiter and Merlot, and Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (seated right) brought the kit and set us up.

We were delighted to have support from MAGDRL Webmaster Christina Kallay (left rear) and Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator/ Publicity Coordinator Lori Mooradian!




Lori brought out MAGDRL orphan "Luke" who is being fostered by MAGDRL Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator Cindy Prevost.

"Lucky Luke" was a real Dane Ambassador! This boy charmed visitors, MAGDRL members, and PetSmart employees. We hope he piqued the interest of several adoption applicants who came out to meet our Danes! 



A family who is considering adopting a Dane brought out their 4 Greyhounds and a Border Collie to make sure they would all get along with Danes. They volunteer with Greyhound Rescue and were pleasantly surprised to find that well socialized Danes get along with other dogs, cats, and a host of other critters.

The day after this event, this family called to start the adoption process. Looks like there may be a Dane in their future!