MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville  February 10, 2007



Web page created on February 10, 2007

  It was great to return to Catonsville, MD for our monthly Meet & Greet at PetSmart. Despite it being a bitter cold, blustery winter day, we had a steady stream of visitors.
  At left, Beth Hoker and her 7 YO Dane boy Goober greet our other Dane Ambassadors. Despite Goober having Wobblers, he's getting around pretty well.

At center-right is Catonsville Meet & Greet Coordinator Heather Tawney handling my Dane puppy Savannah (center.)

At inside-right is Kevin Siegers with his 2 YO black Dane girl Koa. Kevin and his wife Dani adopted Koa in 2005, and they worked wonders with her training and socialization! What a sweetie pie!


At left, we were delighted to have a visit from MAGDRL adopter Sue Biesecker and her adopted Dane (sorry, missed his name.) What a handsome and well-behaved merle boy he is!

At right is Heather with Savannah in the Thankful Paws donation jacket. Savannah is finally getting tall enough so the jacket actually fits! Thanks for handling the silly puppy girl today, Heather!

We also heard some great news -- Dani Siegers is interested in fostering a MAGDRL orphan! YIPPEE!!!