MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart  January 15, 2005




This page was created on January 15, 2005

      Our Eastern Maryland Meet & Greet team started off 2005 at a favorite location -- the Catonsville PetSmart!!  It was good to see both senior and new volunteers, and some newly adopted Danes made their debuts.  That plus nice weather made it a fantastic day for a MAGDRL event!  
    At our first event of 2005, Valerie Conn (left) adopted her sweet foster Dane girl Shayna. Here she completes the adoption paperwork with help from MAGDRL president Debra Rahl.

Next to Debby is Ken Marchetti. He and his wife Kelly adopted MAGDRL Dane Finnegan last year, and this boy is now a tall, lanky 'teenager.' Kelly is a trainer with Professor of Paws (k-9)


(L) Debby chats with long-time foster volunteer Beth Hoker (C). Debby's Brindle Dane boy "Mr. Big" is starting to live up to his name! Beth brought her Fawn foster girl "Mystic" for a little socialization. Valerie (R) pulled Dane girl Shayna from a NC kennel, then promptly fell in love!

Northern Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator Aimee Ross also brought out her pretty Dane girl Piper, and MAGDRL Webmaster Christina Kallay came to offer a helping hand.

In the front of this group is my senior Mantle Dane girl Kuna who made her Meet & Greet debut. Even though she's a female, she was by far the largest Dane in attendance. We adopted Kuna 6 months ago from our NJ MAGDRL team where she was well cared-for until she found her 'forever home' with us.
    Despite the fact that Kuna is 6-1/2 years old and slightly arthritic, she did very well. She was friendly with other dogs (except yappy little dogs.)  But she really LOVED the kids! Here she allows herself to be adored by some little visitors.  I see more MAGDRL events in this girl's future!