MAGDRL: PetSmart Bowie June 16, 2007



Web page created on June 16, 2007

Summertime foot traffic at the Bowie PetSmart was slow but steady for our third outing at this store. It was nice having a few minutes to chat with our fellow MAGDRL volunteers. 

Bowie Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm (center) brought out her handsome Dane boy Napoleon. We also welcomed new volunteer Melissa Glover who brought her Dane girl Agnes to her first MAGDRL event.

My Dane kids Jupiter (on the bed) and Savannah  (left standing) enjoyed the day out.  Savannah and Napoleon wore the Thankful Paws donation jackets today. 



We were delighted to have a visit from our dear friends and MAGDRL volunteers Fred (left) and Pat (right) Wilhelme. They brought out their delightful pup Bowser, one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. Although Bowser has Addison's disease, he's doing well on his medications and looks just fabulous!

The woman behind Pat was carrying a 16 week old red Chihuahua puppy. She had owned big dogs in the past, so she felt comfortable introducing this tiny pup to our Great Danes. Click to see a photo of Savannah and the Chihuahua.



At 7 YO and 145 lbs, Jupiter would prefer to rest on his "throne" at Meet & Greets than bounce up and down to meet visitors. Despite that, visitors always gravitate toward him.

Both children and adults often come over and sit on the floor next to Jupiter. They talk to him, pat him, read his CGC and TDI certification tags, and marvel that such a large dog is so calm and sweet. He's a good example of why Great Danes are not usually good watch dogs. He rarely barks, he gets along with everyone/thing, and he'd rather move out of your way than confront you.

Not a watchdog, but a true Great Dane Ambassador!