MAGDRL: PetSmart Bowie May 19, 2007



Web page created on May 19, 2007


We had a gorgeous spring day -- a good thing and a bad thing! Great to be out with the pups, bad because although we had a steady stream of visitors, we never really had a rush. That enabled us to hand out a lot of adoption information and educate visitors about Great Danes.


Bowie Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm came out early and set us up. This was our second month at this store, and we were again delighted by the kindness and helpfulness shown by the PetSmart staff and managers.

Joan's Dane boy Napoleon gave up his couch to wear the Thankful Paws jacket and work for our orphans today. Napoleon is Joan and her husband Michael's MAGDRL foster failure. Once they accepted him as a foster, they couldn't stand the thought of letting him go! Now he's a friendly, loveable Dane who lives with his Dane roommate Ethel and two cats. What a great life for this former orphan!



At midday I was delighted by a visit from one of my coworkers. Kathy (center) has seen photos of my fur family at the office, but she'd never met them. She and her husband are also dog lovers, so they stopped by since they were in the area.

Kathy has seen many puppy photos of Savannah, but she couldn't get over how fast she had grown!  When Savannah came home to us at age 8 weeks old in May 2006 she weighed 19 lbs. A year later, she weighs 110 lbs and is still growing -- an exponential increase.  Fortunately we fed a healthy raw diet, so she avoided growth related diseases like HOD and Panosteitis. Knock wood, she's been a happy, healthy and active Great Dane puppy!


Here we have our first Thankful Paws Sandwich! Savannah is on the outside, Napoleon is on the inside with this young man in the middle. He has a Labrador Retriever at home, but he just couldn't get over the size of our Danes. He gleefully laid on them, hugged them, felt their fur, and couldn't stop talking about them and to them Guess he thought these were Labs on steroids!

Thankful Paws just came out with a cool "Summertime Saddle" donation jacket, and they offer cooling bandanas, rescue worker gear, and assistive gear. Everywhere we go, we see other rescues using Thankful Paws apparel to help raise donations for their nonprofit organizations. This fundraising gear is available on both the Thankful Paws  web site and also on CafePress. 


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