MAGDRL: PetSmart Bowie  April 21, 2007



Web page created on April 21, 2007

MAGDRL returned to the Bowie PetSmart for the first time since 2002. What a nice, friendly, clean store! It was great to be back!

Spring finally came to Bowie, Maryland! Yippee!!! We changed locations for our monthly 3rd Saturday PetSmart Meet & Greet. From now on, we'll be in Bowie, Maryland instead of in Annapolis. 

Our Bowie Meet & Greet event Coordinator Joan Schramm came out early and set us up. Even though her Danes Ethel and Napoleon stay home to hold down the couch, Joan always hosts our monthly events. What a great MAGDRL volunteer!

Today, Joan handled Jupiter for most of the day. Jupiter is easy compared with Savannah whose rambunctious behavior has earned her a head halter for the past few events.


Ahhhh.... How quickly Great Dane puppies grow! At 14 MO, puppy Savannah is still three inches shorter than Jupiter, but she's catching up. He's still got 35 lbs on her, but that won't last long.

Savannah has grown very differently from other Dane puppies I have seen,. She never had the typical "tree-trunk" legs, but instead has always looked in-proportion. People often ask if she's a "Miniature Dane", but she's just a puppy who is growing very evenly.

One thing for sure -- we'll be very glad to see Savannah's puppy days come to an end. She's been quite a handful, but she's finally beginning to settle down and stop eating the house!