MAGDRL:  Bel Air PetCo        October 23, 2004


This page was created on October 23, 2004.

  It was a gorgeous fall day, so the furkids and I drove up north to Bel Air, Maryland. Our Northern Maryland teammates were holding their monthly Meet & Greet at Bel Air PetCo and it had been far too long since we've seen everyone. We had a fun day!!!
  We started the day inside PetCo, but quickly moved outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We drew crowds that were sometimes several people deep, yet our Dane Ambassadors handled their "nap-deprivation" with aplomb!

Here, Merlot wears a donation jacket while Jupiter gets a hug from a young visitor.



Northern Maryland Meet & Greet Co-coordinator Aimee Ross enjoys humiliating her Danes!  Here her 2 year-old Blue Fawn Dane boy Razzi (Shiraz) lounges in his Halloween headband. Those devil's horns suit him perfectly, don't they?

Razzi had gold bead implants for wobblers less than six months ago, but his recovery has been astounding. He's bouncing around like the puppy he is again!

  The lovely weather also brought out a bumper crop of volunteers. Seated at the information table, Northern MD Meet & Greet Co-coordinator Brenda Rouse discusses MAGDRL adoption while volunteer Sarah Paysden's sweet puppy Landis entertains a young visitor.

Brenda came out with 'free hands' as did volunteer Rachel Ludwig and new volunteer Joanne Elliot.


Volunteer Tracy McLean and her Dane boy Howard entertained visitors beside the PetCo door (sorry for the shut-eye, Tracy!)

Volunteer Danelle Hubbard and her family also stopped by with Dane girl Rosie. Event visitors also brought Danes out to visit with our pups, and those with other breeds stopped by as well..


  Jupiter and Merlot's mom often sharpens their basic obedience skills in tandem. Here they practice 'sit' and 'shake' together. This exercise not only shows visitors the importance of positive training for managing these giant breed dogs, but it's also fun for them!

Lakshme Somerswaran also brought her gorgeous Fawn Dane puppy Rusty Moonshine to this event. Rusty attends MAGDRL Training Coordinator Tressa Evert's positive reinforcement training class with Merlot and he's our youngest AKC Canine Good Citizen!.