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This page was created on
June 1, 2002


          MAGDRL's 2nd Annual Parade of Paws
On Saturday, June 1, 2002, Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League held it's 2nd Annual Parade of Paws fundraiser at Centennial Park in Columbia, Maryland.  Volunteers and visitors came out, with or without dogs, to enjoy this celebration hosted by MAGDRL members. Luckily we had a beautiful - if hot - day.
On the left is Dane lover Liz Brown admiring Caesar (next photo.) Liz and her husband Jamie have stopped by several Meet'n'Greets and they hope to adopt from us soon.

Behind Liz is Portia Baum who adopted Nikki, one of the MAGDRL 'Dirty Dozen.' Nikki looks so sleek and healthy, she seems like a completely different dog! Portia has helped MAGDRL at local Meet'n'Greets.  

This is Caesar, a tall, dark, handsome guy who attracted a lot of attention.  Besides his good looks, he has a Solid Gold personality!

Thanks to the kindness of many animal lovers, Caesar will undergo total hip replacement surgery on June 7.  We all wish him a successful operation and a speedy recovery!

Event "Chairperson" Lisa Lightener (appropriately standing on a chair) invited the dogs to compete for prizes. Lisa spent the previous weekend at Meet'n'Greets at the Columbia PetSmart.

Behind her is MAGDRL volunteer Eileen Edelblute (left) holding Lisa's Dane Bagheera.  Last weekend Eileen held a Meet'n'Greet at the Catonsville PetSmart and is our local M&G organizer.

I'm not sure who this handsome Harlequin is, but he was adopted through MAGDRL. The Fawn behind him stopped by for a while to await transport to her new MAGDRL foster home.

Many adopters brought out the wonderful Danes they adopted from this rescue league. MAGDRL volunteers were pleased to see how well they are doing in their 'forever homes!'

For those non-Dane owners who ask us exactly how big a Dane is, here's our President Debby Rahl with an average sized Harlequin Dane at the kissing contest. This Dane towers over her while she's seated!

Debby got a real workout from this Bulldog during the kissing contest.  He not only won, but he also gave Debby her second bath of the day!


MAGDRL volunteer Brenda Rouse treats her pup to a Pupcicle to cool him down. Last month, Brenda helped MAGDRL for two days at the Harford County Humane Society Adopt-a-Thon.

Our friends from Golden Retriever Rescue (GRREAT), Animal Advocates, German Shepherd Rescue, and other animal groups and vendors came out to support this event.

This is Jeanne with Bella, Woodie's roommate.  Woodie was fostered by MAGDRL Present Debra Rahl, and Jeanne and her husband Pat adopted him last year.  Bella was recently adopted from MAGDRL to be Woodie's "little sister." 

Jeanne and Pat have helped MAGDRL transport Danes to their foster homes.