MAGDRL: MD SPCA Walk for Animals     April 2, 2006




Web page created on April 2, 2006

  What a beautiful day for a walk in the park! MAGDRL volunteers brought their Danes to the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Walk for the Animals in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park. We met previous adopters, potential adopters, and a host of dogs of all sizes.
  MAGDRL volunteer Scott Gunn (left) brought out his beautiful White Deaf girl Angel. Next to Scott is Myndi Gregory and her friend with her Brindle Dane girl Latte. Myndi is the daughter of top Great Dane breeder Toni Gregory who is a long-time friend of MAGDRL.

In the red shirt is volunteer Julie Miller with my Fawnequin Dane boy Jupiter. At far right is Mike Pruitt who is holding my Dane girl Merlot who wore the Thankful Paws donation jacket today. MAGDRL president Debby Rahl and her husband Fran came out early, set up the MAGDRL booth, and then worked the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) booth.


Scott and Mike adopted Angel in August 2005. At the time they had 9 cats and were obviously animal lovers, but they went above and beyond with Angel. She is deaf, had no American Sign Language (ASL) training, was extremely under-weight and was suffering from a serious case of mange. She had no hair at all on her face and bare patches all over -- what a challenge!

In the 8 months Angel has been with them, she has learned basic ASL commands, is now perfect weight for her size, the mange is gone, and all her hair has grown back. And obviously Mike has not spoiled Angel one bit!

  Julie handled sales with Jupiter while I worked the crowds with Merlot in her donation jacket. Julie's Dane girl Baccara held down the couch at home while Julie came out with free hands, and it worked out well all around. She has continued to work with Baccara in hopes that she will be able to bring her to events some day. Keep up the great work, Julie!

Whew! I finally got a chance to sit down and catch my breath! Apparently Merlot needed a break too. Two and a half years ago Merlot came into MAGDRL injured. Although she's had surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament and now has plates and screws in one leg, she suffers from arthritis in both legs. Sad to say, this sweet girl's stint as the Queen of the Donation Danes will come to an end when these outings become too painful for her to attend.  We all hope that's no time soon!


When Matthew and I adopted our Dane Jupiter from MAGDRL in 2001, he was 8 months old. He was untrained and terrified of strangers, of quick movement, of strange sounds, and particularly terrified of men. I always tell folks that progress comes in inches, not in yards -- with intensive socialization and positive reinforcement training, and working with a behaviorist, within a year he became the best dog he could be.

Today at 5-1/2 years old, our boy Jupiter is a wonderful Great Dane Ambassador. He graduated from "Canine College", earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, and his Therapy Dog International certificate. He's at MAGDRL events every weekend and loves all dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, and especially small children. He exemplifies what an orphan can become with time, patience, work and love.

There's another stellar Dane behind Jupiter. It's Debby and Fran Rahl's Mantle Dane boy Buster who was also adopted from MAGDRL. Today he's a senior Dane Statesman who also earned his AKC-CGC and Therapy Dog International certificate. He's one of the sweetest Danes I've ever met!