MAGDRL: Dog Owner Education Brunch  March 20, 2004

bullet Eileen Edelblute MD Meet & Greet Coordinator, Orphan Intake Coordinator. Eileen created the raffle baskets and donated basket filler items as needed. Eileen also created a MAGDRL information easel filled with favorite Dane photos, and brought Southern MD M&G Coordinator Linda Maynard's MAGDRL information display board for all to enjoy.
bullet Janine Kushner – WVA Lieutenant Coordinator, Contact Team Lead. Janine was kind enough to fill out the PayPal raffle ticket stubs and brought them to the Brunch (and she's got a permanent case of writer's cramp!) Janine also donated a set of brand new Tupperware for our raffle!  A special thanks to Janine for the 'remote support' you provided for this effort!!!!
bullet Cindy Prevost – Western Maryland MAGDRL Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator. Cindy was one of our 'floaters' yesterday and helped wherever she was needed. Cindy could be seen assisting with raffle sales, at the registration table, helping at the MAGDRL sales table -- she was everywhere!
bullet Rosie (and Howard, Joey, and Gabrielle) Smiga -- Maryland  MAGDRL Volunteer Coordinator. Rosie got the loaner PC and slide display unit; got the speaker presentations up, developed a MAGDRL showcase presentation with both adoptable orphans and member Danes; and worked the slide show for the speakers. Rosie also donated a 3-day vacation at their brand new dog-friendly resort home in Deep Creek Lake for the raffle. Between Rosie and her husband Howard, they were also the top Brunch raffle ticket sellers (buyers? LoL!)  And Rosie, I truly appreciate the nice thank-you gift -- that lavender-filled bubble bath really hit the spot!
bullet Kim Hardesty – MD Eastern Area volunteer. Kim donated all of the color printing for this event. She made hundreds of event fliers, programs, and inserts. Kim also purchased and donated a Kuranda indestructible bed for the raffle (and our own Aimee Ross purchased and donated a second one!)
bullet Lois Steinfort - MD Eastern Area volunteer, MAGDRL fundraisers. Lois was another of our floaters, and helped with raffle sales, registrations and setup, and wherever else she was needed! 
bullet Jody Cohen - MAGDRL Treasurer and Rescuer’s Record Newsletter editor. Jody prepared the event sponsor insert for the program; baked and packaged doggie cookies; and kept track of donations. And although she has a fractured foot, she sold items at the MAGDRL table yesterday. What a trooper!!!!
bullet Debra Rahl – MAGDRL President. Debby bought fresh flowers and made centerpieces as table decorations; baked and wrapped doggie cookies with recipes and cutters; and handled the PayPal, cash, and check donations. I also have to send a special thanks to Debby for her moral support -- I don't think either of us slept the week before the Brunch!

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          We had a FANTASTIC turnout at our March 20, 2004 Dog Owner Education Brunch!  This event was held at the Best Western Hotel in College Park, MD, a convenient location for our guests from DC, MD, VA, WV, DE, NJ and PA.  With the support of volunteers all across our territory plus our dynamic speakers, this event was a resounding success! 
            MAGDRL volunteers showed up 1-1/2 hours early to set up sales, raffle, and registration tables, speaker podium, audio, and PC equipment. What troopers they are!

Before our Educational Brunch started, holistic guest speaker Karin Serejski (L) talked with MAGDRL president Debra Rahl (C) and volunteer Lois Steinfort (R) about handouts at the Brunch registration table. WV Lieutenant Coordinator Janine Kushner (seated) handled registrations and raffle sales. Although she's not local, Janine helped by filling out all those raffle ticket stubs from PayPal purchasers!!! Thanks for all your help, Janine!!!!


Debra Rahl made floral centerpieces in dog-themed mugs for each table. Each attendee also received a bag of freshly baked dog cookies, the cookie recipe, and a cookie cutter in a decorative presentation that Debby  and MAGDRL Treasurer Jody Cohen made.

Attendees included MAGDRL volunteers from near and far, members of dog training clubs, rescues, and humane groups.


At left, Northern MD Meet & Greet Co-coordinator Brenda Rouse watches as the chef carved fresh roast beef. To the right, an assistant made stuffed omelets to each guest's specification. They were delicious!

Although the breakfast breads came late, guests enjoyed the all-you-can-eat brunch including vegetarian selections and unlimited beverages.

The atmosphere was festive, the conversation lively, and guests were friendly -- they shared a common love for dogs.



Both  guest speakers sent MAGDRL volunteer Rosie Smiga their slides early, so attendees had speaker handouts from each presenter. 

Karin Serejski focused her talk on describing how holistic care can augment traditional veterinary medicine.  She talked about the categories of degenerative musculo-skeletal disease and the benefits of acupuncture for dogs with this diagnosis. She mentioned the impact of nutrition on canine health, and changing perspectives on annual vaccination. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Karin!!!

            Tressa Everts presented a Canine First Aid demo. Tressa (L) and Debby (R) hold a demo dog in need of a trip to a good groomer!

In Tressa's presentation, she pointed out that we usually know when our dogs are ADR (aint' doin' right.)  Sometimes we can't tell exactly why, especially if it's not the bloat symptoms we Dane lovers look for.  Tressa reminded attendees that before our pups get sick, each of us needs to take a pulse rate and temperature baseline for each of our dogs. Post this info in a prominent place so it can be used to determine whether a pet is ailing -- or just being their normal goofy selves.

Thanks for your presentation, Tressa!!!!


Our raffle table was loaded! MD Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute and her mom Marlene spent weeks building these gift baskets, and they were gorgeous! Many gift certificates and baskets were won by attendees, but others were won by folks across the U.S. who bought raffle tickets via PayPal or mailed in checks

Endless thanks to all the MAGDRL volunteers who helped with this event from its inception in September, 2003. They are listed at left.


          Our PA teammates have hosted educational events for several years (and be sure to see the upcoming PA Pat Miller Canine Behavioral Problems Seminar here.) , but this was our first Maryland educational event. We were thrilled with the large turnout and delighted to receive support from numerous individuals and humane groups. This was truly a TEAM effort. In one way or another almost every one of our MAGDRL volunteers helped!

In addition to our volunteers, we had some great speakers and sponsors. Please visit the web sites of these gracious folks:

bullet Karin Serejski:
bullet Tressa Everts (MAGDRL gets a donation from each enrollment):
bullet T-Touch therapy and DogLeggs:
bullet Canine Massage therapy by Pawsitive Touch:
bullet Pet Valu of Silver Spring, MD:
bullet Tupperware (mention MAGDRL and we get 10% donation!)
bullet Mary Kay (mention MAGDRL and we get a donation):
bullet PetSmart Charities:

See you at next year's MAGDRL Dog Owner Education Brunch!