MAGDRL:  Howard County Pet Expo  May 23, 2004




This page was created on May 23, 2004

We had August weather for this May event!  We were at Schooley Mill Park in Highland, MD and the temperatures soared into the 90's.  Nevertheless, we had an excellent turnout of volunteers, Great Dane owners, and admirers!


New VA MAGDRL volunteer Kristen Thompson came up to support the event. Afterwards, she partnered with a senior volunteer to learn to conduct incoming orphan evaluations.

Behind our table is Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute. As usual, she came early and stayed late! She set up the table and two tents to offer shade for this six-hour event. Thank goodness she also brought gallons of ice and water for dogs and people!



To the left, volunteers Nicole (standing) and Arne Fleisher (seated) admire 8-month old Dane orphan Dolby who is available for adoption. Dolby's foster mom Cindy Prevost (Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator) brought out her sweet boy Capone. He is tolerating Dolby's puppy-antics very well!

We hadn't see Ken and Kelley Marchetti and their Dane puppy Finnegan since last winter.  He's grown by leaps and bounds and is now a tall, lanky 'teenager.'  He's no longer a baby!


When I met Capone three years ago, I thought he was a tall Great Dane. Now every time I see him compared to my Jupiter, he seems like a gigantic Dane. OK, so just how big is Cindy's Dane boy Capone?

He's 165 lbs and has finally filled out and grown full chested. I'd guess he's 39" at the withers. Nevertheless, he's is a Therapy Dog and is gentle and sweet.

Here he stands in front of Nicole Fleisher. He's definitely bigger than a breadbox!