MAGDRL:  Hammond Harwood House November 6, 2004


Page created on November 6, 2004


The historic Hammond Harwood House in Annapolis, Maryland hosts an annual "Colonial Dog Show" where they feature dogs in art history. Maryland MAGDRL Meet & Greet coordinator Eileen Edelblute brought the information kit and lunch. November 6th was a beautiful day for this event!

Each group was invited to share information about their breed. Here Jupiter (left) and Merlot (right) show off the best attributes of Great Danes.

Irish Wolfhound Rescue was at this event again this year. These are the tallest breed, although they are not the heaviest. The weather was cool and perfect for them!

Eileen took this photo of a precious Bulldog puppy. They're my second favorite breed because they're so much like Danes -- low energy, health problems, and short lifespan --- what's not to LUV?