Page created on 05-07-05

  MAGDRL: Greenbelt Pet Expo  May 7, 2005
  For the 3rd year in a row, MAGDRL volunteers were at the Greenbelt Pet Expo in Greenbelt, MD.  This year there were police dog demos, dancing dogs and clicker training inside, plus agility, rally-O and JRT races outside. What a great day for dogs!
Maryland MAGDRL Meet & Greet Coordinator and newly elected Vice President Eileen Edelblute came out early to set up our table. This year there were a host of rescues, pet care providers, training clubs, and other animal groups at this event. 

This was a long and busy event with loud speakers blasting in the background. There were non-stop visitors at our table, many of whom had never seen Danes and took this opportunity to pet, hug, and lay on them non-stop. Merlot (top) and Jupiter (bottom) needed a nap after the first hour!

Merlot always enjoys the attention of visitors young and old, big and small. Here a mother introduces her son to Merlot, and for the first time he saw a dog bigger than himself. He was amazed and not a little intimidated. Nevertheless he finally reached out and touched Merlot -- then giggled!

The City of Greenbelt is a planned community of small homes built in the 1930's. Their annual Pet Expo gives MAGDRL volunteers a chance to dispel the myth that Great Danes needed a large house and room to run. As a result, we had several people who may consider adoption.