MAGDRL: Greenbelt Pet Expo    May 6, 2006








Web page created on May 6, 2006

  We spent a lovely, spring day at the Greenbelt, MD Pet Expo. This is the 4th year MAGDRL has participated, and like every year we spent the day answering questions about our Danes.
  Every spring the City of Greenbelt, MD hosts their annual event to celebrate pets. Greenbelt is a small "bedroom community" just outside Washington, DC that was built during the Franklin Roosevelt administration.

This year the Pet Expo featured several dog trainers including Ruth Chase from The Coventry School and Sabine Hentrich from Greenbelt.  They had Bassett, Greyhound and All-breed rescues, hedgehog rescue, hamster & Guinea pig rescue -- the best variety of pets we've seen so far. This year they also had a sketch artist and a psychic pet communicator. And there were games and events both outside and inside.


This was a first encounter with Great Danes for many visitors, so they had questions, questions questions! How much do they weigh? How long do they live? Why don't their ears stand up? How much do they eat? Why do Danes need rescuing? And my all-time personal  favorite -- you got a saddle for that horse?

After a few hours of answering the same questions, it gets a little tiring. The good news is, it's easy to hand visitors a pamphlet and let them learn about the breed. We often get compliments on our literature and our web site -- both are very informative.


We're often asked if Danes are good with kids. Although neither Merlot (right) or Jupiter lived with kids before they came into rescue, Jupiter adores kids and Merlot is fine with calm children. Merlot is like many Danes in that regard. We often tell adopters that even with Danes who can be placed with kids, children have to learn how to behave safely around these giant dogs.

The little girl on the right was smart enough to ask if she could pet my dog. Of course I said yes, but we always supervise interactions between dogs and kids. You just never know when a child will do something unexpected!