MAGDRL: Gaithersburg St. Patrick's Day     March 11, 2006

Web page created on March 11, 2006

  It was a gorgeous, warm March day for the Gaithersburg St. Patrick's Day parade. We had a bunch of volunteers and Danes, and the crowds were enormous!!

Wow! The crowd of Danes was astounding! We lined up early and had a chance to chat with each other before the parade. It was great seeing everyone!

Our team for the day was (l-r) Rosie & Gabriella Smiga with Dane Dempsey; Jen Lefever with Bruno; Jen's husband John with Athena; Cindy Prevost with Shiner; Cindy's husband Kelly with Capone; and Nicole Fleisher with Alexis.

Not shown are Lori and Greg Mooradian and their Dane boy Bentley (who looks fabulous!), my guest Kristal Taylor and her Chihuahua "Gucci", and me and my Danes Jupiter and Merlot.


  Thank goodness the parade route wasn't very long -- it was 70 degrees in March and the pavement was hot. The streets were lined with crowds, balloons were everywhere, and the sounds of bagpipes filled the air.

That's Jen Lefever with her husband John and their Danes Brutus and Athena at left, and Nicole Fleisher with Alexis in front. Besides MAGDRL, there were other rescues in attendance. There were more Irish Wolfhounds at this event than I've ever seen -- I counted 9! This was one of the few times that people didn't say they'd never seen a dog as big as a Dane!


I invited Kristal Taylor as my guest for this event and she brought her 9 month old Chihuahua puppy "Gucci." Thank goodness he's well socialized, so he got along fabulously with our Danes. However after a day of looking up to see other dogs, he seriously needed a nap!

After the parade, Merlot collected donations for our orphans at the Corner Bakery in Gaithersburg while I sat with Jupiter and gave out adoption information. At right, Kristal holds her little tyke Gucci.

After we left Gaithersburg, Kristal and I went to a party in Laurel, MD to celebrate the second birthday of Lachsme Someswaran's Dane Rusty. Lachsme prepared a delicious meal and baked birthday a cake for the dogs, plus one for humans. She asked attendees to bring a donation to MAGDRL in lieu of a gift for Rusty. What a nice thing to do for our orphans!