MAGDRL: Dog Days of Summer at the Bowie BaySox

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MAGDRL Volunteer


This page was created
on June 26, 2002


MAGDRL members came out to celebrate the  2nd annual Dog Days of Summer at the Bowie BaySox baseball game.  A photographer captured Christina (left with Fenway), Lisa (center with Bagheera), and Debby (right with Buster and holding Jupiter.)

It was a code-red air quality day with a heat index approaching 100. Nevertheless, our Danes were real troopers and stood with other dogs and their owners waiting to go down to the ballfield. We talked to a few folks about adopting a Dane, and one even called us the next day!

Animal lovers and rescue groups lined up with their dogs to join the parade. Christina (with Fenway), Debby (with Buster), and Lisa (with Bagheera) proudly represented MAGDRL.

At left, MAGDRL President Debby Rahl sits with Buster underfoot. Christina Kallay sits beside her with puppy Fenway on her lap (as usual!) At this June 25th game the BaySox played the Akron Aeros at Prince Georges Stadium.

Lisa Lightner came with dogless friends (we really have to do something about that!)  She sat with Bagheera who was really missing his air conditioning

Bagheera donned a BaySox cap to become an official MAGDRL BaySox fan!  He refrained from doing his trick that evening, but he was ever the charmer!