Dante's Birthday Party   March 10, 2007

  MAGDRL volunteer Angelique Hardy adopted Great Dane Dante as a puppy almost two years ago. There were days when she thought he'd never calm down and grow up, but it seems like he reached his second birthday in the blink of an eye! Certainly cause to celebrate!


At left is Birthday Boy Dante sitting on the lap of his human Dad Rick Hardy. To celebrate his birthday, Dante wore a cute bandanna with festive balloons on it. He and Dane puppy Savannah enjoyed mouth wrestling and cheek pulling to everyone's amusement.

Canine guests enjoyed fun doggie games and contests. Jupiter won a gorgeous framed photo of the Birthday Boy plus a tin filled with canine cards. Canine guests enjoyed a smorgasbord of cookies and cake from a local Doggie Deli, and human guests enjoyed a buffet lunch. Everyone walked away tired, full, and happy. What a nice event!





All the pups wanted to help cut the cake. L-R are Dante, Dane-wanna-be Bowser, and puppy Savannah who kept trying to eat the whole thing!

  Becky Hardy and Dante's Dane Mom Angelique Hardy cut pieces of cake and baggies of doggie cookies to send home with each guest.
  MAGDRL volunteer Elizabeth Allison loves my Dane boy Jupiter. Here he's "sitting pretty" for his Auntie Liz as her husband Richard looks on.

I told Liz that her tax office story ("the tall one is my husband, the big one is my boyfriend!") has made it around the Internet. She was tickled!

  We were delighted that Fred Wilhelme and his son Frederick brought out their Dane girl Jasmine and their sweet boy Bowser. As usual, Miss Jasmine wore her Jackie-O pearls and today her nails were painted lavender.

Sending HUGZ and get-well wishes to Pat Wilhelme!



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