MAGDRL: :PetSmart Catonsville  November 12, 2005  

Web page created on November 12, 2005


  We had beautiful weather and a huge number of volunteers and Danes at Catonsville PetSmart.  What a wonderful day for a MAGDRL event!
At left, Western Maryland Co-Meet & Greet Coordinator Cindy Prevost drove from western Maryland to give our eastern team a hand. She brought her new MAGDRL foster boy Tyson -- and what a handsome, tall young Dane he is!  At the table is Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute who set us up, greeted visitors, and tore us down at the end of the day. 

At right is Beth Hoker (Cookie Lady!) with her Dane boy Goober and her MAGDRL foster Dane x Greyhound girl Missy. Goober and Missy look like bookends!


MAGDRL President Debra Rahl came out to drop off some NJ brunch winnings and MAGDRL 2006 Calendars, and to give her Dane boy Mr. Big an outing. We haven't seen Mr. Big in a few months -- boy has he grown! It was a rare day when Debby had a moment to spare between coordinating adoptions, working on an event, or making arrangements for incoming Danes.

Heather Tawney also came out to exchange items from the MD Parade of Paws, and went on to a Cocker Spaniel Rescue meeting. Danielle & Kevin Siegers also stopped by with their newly adopted Dane x Lab "Koa." 

    Ahhhh.... Sir Bentley, the most exemplary of Great Dane Ambassadors! This boy has prompted many visitors to adopt Dane orphans because of his wonderful personality. Bentley will be 7 years old in December and thanks to quick action by his owners, he survived torsion last year. He is now fit as a fiddle -- and ready for LUV!

Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator/Publicity Coordinator Lori Mooradian and her husband Greg came all the way from western Maryland to support this event -- and what a treat for us to see Bentley!