MAGDRL:  Catonsville PetSmart  August 14, 2004


This page was created on August 14, 2004

  We were back on the 2nd Saturday at Catonsville, MD. We had one of those days where the crowds were steady from the moment we arrived. We were also pleased to see some local volunteers and their sweet human & canine kids! 

Andy and Mary Ann Francis came out with their sweet human kids Drew and Kayla. We met the Francis family two years ago when their black Dane Licorice was just a puppy. He's now a  handsome, well-mannered young adult. Licorice's new brindle sister Maddie (front right) is adjusting well to 'the good life.'


Here volunteer Kimberly Hardesty (center) chats with Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (right.) Kimberly is holding Dane boy Jupiter (center) and her puppy Maggie (left.)  Little Maggie is only 5-1/2 months old and she's already half Jupiter's height. She's going to be a BIG girl!



Maggie has such a pretty, expressive face that I had to post this photo of her. This girl is growing right before our eyes!

Maggie is a typical puppy who is having growth spurts where she alternates between being chubby, and being thin and lanky. She is fed a healthy, raw diet. It's important not to feed high-protein "puppy food" to Dane puppies to avoid accelerated bone development, deformities, and disease.

Great Dane puppies can experience an 80-fold increase in body mass between birth and maturity. They generally reach full height around age 2, and continue to fill out until they are close to 3 years old.