MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville   May 14, 2005


Web page created on May 14, 2005

  We were back at Catonsville PetSmart with favorite managers Dave and Bev. It turned out to be a sunny, warm day in May, so the crowds were spotty.

MAGDRL volunteer Pat Wilhelme (left) offers a lap for my boy Jupiter while his mom took the photo and Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator /Vice President Eileen Edelblute (right) enjoyed the scene.

As usual, Jupiter attracted little dogs and little people.  Here a 4 month old Pug puppy delights in meeting a dog whose head was bigger than her whole body! The Pug's owner is interested in volunteering with MAGDRL.

Pat and Fred Wilhelme brought their whole canine family! Dane boy Patriot came in for socialization while mix-breed Bowser answered questions on whether Danes get along with other dogs.

Here Fred Wilhelme stands with his Dane girl Jasmine (left) who was dressed-to-the-nines complete with pearl collar and painted toenails. Jasmine was wearing Shalimar today -- to the delight of Jupiter and both canine and human visitors!