MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville  March 12, 2005


This page was created on March 12, 2005

     The fickle March weather didn't deter either crowds or volunteers at the Catonsville PetSmart! Our favorite store manager was there, we handed out MAGDRL information, and we spoke with potential fosters and volunteers.

Long-time volunteer Beth Hoker (left) brought out her handsome Merle boy Goober and her Fawn foster girl Mystic. Goober is such a sociable boy, he demands hugs and will lean on anyone who stands still. Here Beth is chatting with a woman we met last year who is interested in fostering for MAGDRL.

We had a visit from Andy Francis and his daughter Kayla. They left their handsome boy Licorice at home, but brought out their adopted MAGDRL Brindle Dane Maddie


  What pretty ladies, what a goofy Dane! Here are Lisa Lightner and her Dane boy Bagheera with Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute. Both ladies were key volunteers at last weeknd's Maryland MAGDRL Dog Owner Education Brunch.

Bagheera looks fantastic after bloating last year. He is such a clown, he always entertains visitors with his tricks and antics. He's an adorable 8 year old Dane whose Mom has spoiled him sweet!


There's nothing like a gaggle of Danes! Here are Beth and her two Danes, and my boy Jupiter (center) and girl Merlot (right rear.) They've met each other once before but you'd think they were long lost friends!

Merlot is modeling her purple Fido Fleece jacket. People are often surprised that Danes may need a coat, but with their short hair and low body fat (in some cases), they can get chilled. Merlot's teeth chatter when she's cold, so she has a 'winter wardrobe' of warm jackets. What a 'fashionista!'