MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville    March 4, 2006
March came in like a lion! It was cold and windy outside, but we spent the day inside the Catonsville PetSmart welcoming visitors and potential adopters.
Eastern MD Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute brought her handsome Dane boy Jackson (right) and holds my Dane boy Jupiter (left.) Jack was one of the Gettysburg 8 Danes who were confiscated by animal control, but he's blossomed into a sweet and friendly boy. At first, Jack was fearful of other dogs but now he just loves his fellow Meet & Greet Dane Ambassadors!

Eileen is chatting with MAGDRL volunteer Pat Wilhelme (right) who came out with her husband Fred. They brought out their sweet Dane-pal Bowser (right) who is being treated for Addisons Disease. Their Dane boy Patriot also has Addisons -- odd for two dogs in one household to have the disease. Thankfully, their Dane girl Jasmine is gorgeous, healthy, and was wearing Shalimar to charm the boys today!

MAGDRL volunteer Beth Hoker is so funny! She always has a story to tell about Great Dane antics. Here she stands with her Dane boy Goober (left) and my Dane girl Merlot (Thankful Paws donation jacket.) Beth is one of our foster caregivers who has worked with many Danes to get them ready for their "forever homes."  She has two Danes of her own, but she always has room for one more! 

One day Beth was on her computer and looked up to see her foster pup coming into her house with a downspout. He apparently ripped it off the house and brought it in through the doggie door, then proudly presented it to Beth. Needless to say, Beth was not nearly as delighted as he was!

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