MAGDRL: :PetSmart Catonsville   January 14, 2006   





Web page created on January 14, 2006

  We were at Catonsville PetSmart for our first eastern Maryland Meet & Greet of 2006, and we had a bunch of Danes!  We had non-stop visitors, plus visits from approved adopters and applicants just starting the adoption process. What a way to start the year!
Wow, what a crowd of Danes we had today! Last month we held our annual Santa Claws fundraisers at this store, so we were delighted to be back here for our first outing of the year.

That's me (left) with Dane girl Merlot in the donation jacket and Dane boy Jupiter behind me. In the center is Christina Kallay who is our MAGDRL Webmaster with her Dane boy Falkor in the donation jacket. In front of Christina is a newly approved adopter who came out to meet our Danes. MAGDRL volunteer Beth Hoker is on the right with her handsome foster puppy Dallas (nudging her), and her own silly Dane boy Goober on the floor. Goober's name surely fits him!

Our donation jackets are available from Thankful Paws who give a percentage of their sales to help MAGDRL orphans.


We even had a visit from Ed and Deb Strong who adopted their pretty 1 year old Dane puppy Carley from MAGDRL in November. Carley came into MAGDRL as a skinny little puppy. She had hygromas (fluid-filled sacs) on both front elbows from laying on hard flooring. With the Strong's diligent care, they are almost gone and she is beautiful!

Carley came to PetSmart to start her in basic obedience class and to improve her social skills. This girl got a great family!

    This handsome 1 year old Dane boy is Beth's foster orphan Dallas. He came into MAGDRL a few weeks ago as a bone-thin puppy. Under his foster mom's care, he has put on a little weight, and his sleek black coat is now soft and shiny.

We are often asked why Danes come into rescue. In Dallas's case, he's a beautiful, well-trained, calm puppy -- why would anyone give him up??? Well poor Dallas had the misfortune of being a messy eater who also drools -- typical characteristics of many Danes. Dallas exemplifies the reason that MAGDRL believes in dog owner education. Anyone who chooses a Dane should do so only after they understand the good, bad, and the ugly of Danes -- the ugliest being sweet dogs like this in rescue through no fault of their own!