MAGDRL : Catonsville PetSmart Adoption Days    September 18, 2005

Web page created on 09/24/05


  PetSmart invited MAGDRL to support their Adoption Days weekend and our members came out in force! They've been good to us, so we were happy to return the favor.

We had a shew of Danes and volunteers at PetSmart's adoption event. At left, volunteer Lisa Lightner (left) brought out herDane boy Bagheera. My kids Jupiter and Merlot (donation coat) were there; Pat and Fred Wilhelme (on the floor) came out dog-less; and new volunteer/newly approved adopter Julie Miller (rear, red shirt) came to help.

PetSmart's trainer Valerie (blue shirt) enjoyed taking the dogs through obedience drills to entertain the crowds. She quickly found out that our Danes will work for treats!

    MAGDRL volunteer Jen Lefever came out with her pretty 18 month old Dane puppy Athena (blue scarf.) Beth Hoker brought out her Dane boy Goober (orange scarf) and her foster girl Mystic (red scarf.)

Lisa's boy Bagheera took cat naps during breaks in the crowd. In between, he entertained visitors with silly Dane tricks. Everyone loves this boy -- and  at 9-1/2  years old, what a senior statesman he is!


Webmaster and MAGDRL Statistician Christina Kallay brought out her handsome Dane boy Falkor who wore one of the donation jackets at this event. When Falkor came into rescue, he was underweight and in poor shape. He's grown into a healthy, handsome young Dane -- that's what a little love and good food can do!

Ahhh.... Bagheera is awake here! He's the 'only child' of a single woman who dotes on him, so he's supurbly trained and sinfully spoiled. In my next life, I want to be Lisa's Dane!