MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart   August 13, 2005

This page was created on August 13, 2005 

  Summer doldrums has arrived the week of our monthly Catonsville PetSmart outing. It was a 'code-red' air quality day and apparently folks stayed inside in the air conditioning. Nevertheless it was nice seeing our teammates and nice giving our Danes an outing despite the heat!

    Our team for the day included (l-r) volunteer Beth Hoker and her Dane boy Goober and foster Dane girl Mystic; Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute who set us up/down; and volunteer Heather Tawney who came out to offer an extra pair of hands to help with our pups. Heather is holding my Dane boy Jupiter.

MAGDRL is offering a special low fee for adoption of Danes over age 7. Mystic just reached that milestone and offered a perfect example of how wonderful Danes are at that age.


We're often asked if Danes get along with other dogs, and we always say that it depends. If Danes are socialized early and often with other dogs, they generally do well but we caution folks that it's a two-way street.

Here's a little Miniature Pinscher whose owner said she plays with the Big Dogs at a local dog park. This sweep pup was delighted to meet my Dane girl Merlot, and Merlot was tickled by her as well. The MinPin's owner said that she sees a big dog in their future!