MAGDRL: PetSmart Catonsville     July 9, 2005


Web page created on July 09, 2005

It was a slow, hot day at Catonsville PetSmart. Store manager Dave was gracious as always, but we had a few folks whose afternoon entertainment was adoring our Danes.  After the first 10 minutes, our pups needed a nap! 

Anne Flanigan from Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club stopped by with her handsome 4 year old boy "Brady."  Ann mentioned that local Wolfhound Rescue hasn't had a dog in rescue since 2003. The breed club is very selective about membership, and Wolfhound breeders will only place with clients they know. That's prevented them from falling into the hands of puppy mills and BYBs. 

With over 80 orphan Great Danes in our rescue, we sure envy them!. 


New MAGDRL volunteer Maureen McCully just sent in her volunteer paperwork this week. Maureen's dad also came out and spent the day with us and was gracious in bringing us a much needed cool drink. It was nice to have spare sets of hands without a Dane in them. Welcome, Maureen!

Maureen fell in love with Jupiter. The McCully family has a Basset Hound and a 7 year old female Great Dane -- a Fawnequin just like Jupiter! She shared photos of "I'Lean" and they look like they could be brother and sister! Gotta love those wild colors! 


All day long we had people who kept wanting to feed our Danes; wanting them to stand up so they could see how big they are; wanting to pet them -- and pet them -- and pet them. By early afternoon, Jupiter and Merlot were ready for a serious nap.

These events can be stressful for all but the most easy-going Danes, and even these two get overloaded by this much attention. Here Jupiter (left) and Merlot (right) try to take a break before the next round of visitors. With a quick potty break and a drink of water, they're ready to roll again!.