MAGDRL: Catonsville PetSmart   April 09, 2005


This web page was created on April 10, 2005

     It was a slow day at Catonsville on the first Saturday this spring with spectacular weather. Nevertheless we had a steady stream of visitors. 


Volunteer Kimberly Hardesty (left) and her daughter Courtney Rowe came out with their Dane puppy Maggie to our monthly Meet & Greet.  Maggie just turned one year old and she's becoming a tall, leggy, gorgeous Dane girl.

Because of Maggie's black color, in the past year Kimberly was often asked if she was a Lab puppy. Now that she's over 100 lbs and still growing, folks don't ask that question any more!


Yesterday was a day for educating the public on how to safely to interact with strange dogs. Although our Danes are ultra-sociable, you can clearly see the discomfort in Merlot's eyes as a stranger reaches to pat her atop her head. When strangers do this, we ask them how they'd feel if someone put their hand in their face -- most would react negatively. We suggest that they let the dog smell their hand, then gently scratch them under their chin. That's much a much friendlier greeting!

We also had to stop several people from kissing our dogs -- a canine sign of submission that invites the dog to exhibit dominant behavior. That's an iffy practice with even your own dog!


After spending the day at Catonsville, Kimberly Hardesty, Eileen Edelblute (left) and I attended Fidos for Freedom's 17th Annual Awards Banquet at Laurel Race Track. Their "Tux and Tails" event is listed here:

We enjoyed a sit-down dinner and saw a nice volunteer recognition slide show. Fidos celebrated achievements of their volunteers and graduated 8 assistive dogs that will be placed with physically challenged owners.

What a nice 'Dog-Day Saturday!'