MAGDRL: Bowie BaySox "Dog Days of Summer"  May 1, 2005


Web page created on May 1, 2005

      MAGDRL was invited to attend the Bowie BaySox baseball team's first "Dog Days of Summer" event this year at the BaySox stadium in Bowie, MD.  The BaySox played the farm team from Reading, PA while a host of rescues and dog care businesses greeted attendees on the upper concourse.

Attendees at the baseball game were amazed to see the ballpark filled with dogs! There were assorted breeds, pet food representatives, veterinary centers, and other pet-related businesses. We had a captive audience but a lot of competition for attention. Nevertheless we attracted attention because we had DANES!!!

Here's me (left) with my Dane boy Jupiter and girl Merlot (in the donation jacket), Southern MD Meet & Greet Coordinator Linda Maynard (center) and her Dane boy Casper, and volunteer Jen Lefever and her Dane girl Athena. 

Maryland volunteer Pat Wilhelme and her husband Fred came out to support this event and enjoy the game. Here Pat clowns with their sweet boy Bowser while Fred sits with Dane girl Jasmine.

Last year Pat and Fred rescued a Dane from Maine. This dog lived tied in a back yard through the harsh New England winter and was in sad shape when they adopted him. They renamed him "Patriot", dealt with his health issues, put weight on him, and are carefully socializing him. Patriot has come a long way and we hope someday he'll be a Great Dane Ambassador just like his Dane sister Jasmine.


MAGDRL volunteer Jen LeFever came from western Maryland to support this event. She's on the left with her gorgeous Fawn Dane girl Athena.  Athena is only 1 year old and she's almost as big as Jupiter! She entertained the crowds for hours.

In the center, Linda Maynard easily handles both her recently adopted Dane boy Casper (center) and my Dane boy Jupiter. Casper was friendly to everyone and everything -- what a wonderful event dog he is! Linda's husband Gary and her daughter Anna also came out to set up our table and to enjoy a beautiful spring day at the BaySox stadium.